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This section is not meant to be a bicycle design 101, but to a certain extent, an assessment of the bikes that I ride, their uses, purposes and my preferences for their components.

 Many of my bikes' stock components have been changed out from what they were built with originally, and that is especially so with regards to my touring bike. The parts that have been changed were usually replaced for an upgrade to better quality components or to enhance the riding characteristics of the bicycle;
otherwise, as regular maintenance required.

 If you are looking for a bicycle site with tons of information on components and a good deal of cycling and bicycle related dialogue, then check out the late Sheldon Brown's dialogue and all the other information, parts, accessories at Harris Cyclery - you won't be disappointed!
 Another very good resource, if you don't know how to get something apart, or which tool to use, is the Park Bicycle Tools site.

Click on the links above for a review of the different attributes,
specifications and components of the bicycles that I presently own or have owned.

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